Make Your App Fast: Web Application Performance

Fast applications have higher conversion rates, better SEO, and happier users. This course is intended for developers who want to know how to think about, plan for, and work with performance optimization for web applications. We'll cover tools and techniques for making your applications fast in the browser, on the server, and everywhere in between.

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– What You Will Learn –

  • App performance best practices & core concepts
  • Push it up the stack: performance at all levels of the web architecture
  • Only get the data you need
  • Using the right data structure for the job
  • Using the right algorithm
  • Monitoring performance
  • Server-side performance: in your application, database performance, and caching
  • In the browser: From asset management to JavaScript to UI design
  • Full-stack tools for performance analysis and optimization

Who is this course for?

This course is intended for web and front-end developers who want to better understand the ins and outs of application performance.

What should I know for this course?

You should have general understanding of building web applications and the related technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc). Any knowledge of computer science fundamentals would be helpful but is not required.

What should I bring?

This is a course, not an interactive workshop, so just bring yourself and a desire to learn. If you want to bring a laptop to follow along, that's awesome.

Lunch will be provided. Light refreshments are served in the morning.

What if I need to cancel?

If you've registered and need to cancel, let us know at 30 days or more from the event date. We'll refund your course less a $100 processing fee. We cannot refund cancellations less than 30 days from the event date. If the training event is canceled by us for any reason we'll issue a full refund but are not liable for other costs or fees.

– Taught By –

Dan Adams

Dan Adams, Senior Technical Consultant

Dan is a software engineer and consultant building web and mobile apps, teams, and companies. He heads up the training and startup offerings at Cantina playing an interim-CTO role with early stage startups to help them define, design, and build their initial product offering. Dan also has experience as an engineering manager, mentor, product architect, and project tech lead.

Steve Pember

Steve Pember, Senior Techincal Consultant

Steve is a full-stack developer who is fascinated with web technologies. He is obsessed with building efficient and usable applications, no matter the platform.