Modern Web & Mobile App Development

Straight from the trenches to your brain.

We offer practical training courses designed to teach you the best practices in developing modern web & mobile applications. Courses are led by our senior consultants who use these skills every day. You’ll walk away with the technologies, tools, and techniques needed to make awesome applications.

– Upcoming Courses –

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Dan Adams, Matt Chisholm

Heroku and other PaaS (Platform as a Service) providers have changed the game when it comes to deploying applications in the cloud. In this workshop, you'll create, deploy, update, and customize a Heroku-based application as well as how to use Heroku-based applications in real projects and teams.

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Steve Pember, Julian Flaks

Grails is one of the most powerful and flexible MVC framework available to those of us who love the JVM. In order to get the most out of your app, you need to be aware of all the features available to you . This course is intended for back-end developers with an affinity for the JVM, .war files, and rapid development. We start out with the basics, then ramp up to advanced features of the framework, ending with real-world usage patterns to get you and your team up and running.

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Dan Adams, Steve Pember

Fast applications have higher conversion rates, better SEO, and happier users. This course is intended for developers who want to know how to think about, plan for, and work with performance optimization for web applications. We'll cover tools and techniques for making your applications fast in the browser, on the server, and everywhere in between.

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George White, Matt Crist

Responsive Web Design is a key set of techniques for dealing with the complexity of delivering websites optimized for the broadening range of connected devices, such as smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs. Built on a foundation of web standards and fluid design principles, RWD gives front end developers the tools they need to tackle the complexities of building modern websites.This two-day workshop will provide you with a practical, working foundation for implementing a responsive website.

– Customized & Team Training –

We offer training customized just for you, in the Cantina office or on-site. Drop us a note and a real human will contact you about how we can help.

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– Instructors –

Learn modern web & mobile app development from our experts at Cantina.

Matt Crist Matt Crist

Matthew Crist is a coder who designs. Since he started crafting user experiences he has worked with Rue La La, McLaren, Meredith Publishing, MTV, Putnam Investments and many others.

George White George White

George set out to be a zoologist and somehow ended up in software development and architecture. Go figure. He has worked in many domains, including Web applications, mobile platforms, content management, networking and systems architecture.

Julian Flaks Julian Flaks

Julian Flaks has been a web developer since 1999 with over 10 years experience in JVM technologies. He has used Grails professionally since 2008, is passionate about frameworks and thinks Spring is a thing of great beauty.

Dan Adams Dan Adams

Dan is a software engineer and consultant building web and mobile apps, teams, and companies. He heads up the training and startup offerings at Cantina playing an interim-CTO role with early stage startups to help them define, design, and build their initial product offering. Dan also has experience as an engineering manager, mentor, product architect, and project tech lead.

Steve Pember Steve Pember

Steve is a full-stack developer who is fascinated with web technologies. He is obsessed with building efficient and usable applications, no matter the platform.

Matt Chisholm Matt Chisholm

Matt co-founded Cantina in 2007 as an emerging technology consultancy. With over twelve years of experience in consulting, technology architecture, development and social networking Matt is building a new model of consultancy that uses the talents of hands-on technologists who understand business goals and concerns. He has worked with consumer-oriented organizations such as Analog Devices and Endeca as well as major financial institutions such as UBS, JP Morgan, and the Financial Times.

About Cantina Training

Our training courses are hosted in the Cantina Offices in the beautiful Fort Point area of Boston, MA. Please bring yourself and a laptop to follow along. Lunch will be provided for full-day courses. Light refreshments are provided in the mornings.

Our offices are located at:
320 Congress Street, First Floor Boston, MA